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Default The Obsidian Mirror

Above original from this link

Source of statements following:

Has the other future formed?

An esoteric approach...

No, it has actually not formed yet. Ahead of us are several futures, like fingers of a hand. What was percieved a week ago was a mist of time. When a seer looks into the future she or he sees "ether." We might perceive it as "clouds" or a probable future inside that mist. The one that takes form is the one we will live.

Inside the Uranus-Saturn opposition which lasts a while into 2010... we see a "transition" from probable to actual future. That future then becomes a cycle out of which it is difficult to escape once it has formed. That cycle once formed play out, and only then can a new cycle with a new chain of events form and that is what forms a new future.

So as we observe the NOW, being in the now, we are intransition with many inner Sagittarius planets showing up soon. Mars and Sun are soon to enter the sign of the archer.

A timeline intrusion forms best with Sagittarius planets in my experience. This is when technology is used to effect the beginning of a cycle and turn it into a desired way to forcibly create a future that is not necessarily part of the natural behavior of the people on the planet at that moment. I hope this makes sense as it is discussed in minute detail in FORESEEN and you see it applied now.

So is the prediction correct or not? Well you see now the timeline intrusion happening and the cycle might last into 2012 and or into 2020, as we will see...

Remember again what I said about the ",mist of time" and that is why it is hard to see beyond the transition zone at this moment.

This I am allowed to share. A powerful force is trying to create a reality that we ourselves have not created. This is why some advanced ones have explained to me before I wrote my book that we call is a "spiritual war" - the enemy of mankind has the technology to do that timeline intrusion, and the desired result is an attack on our spiritual consciousness worldwide, because that "other" force does not want mankind to evolve.

Hope now it is clearer.

We are not using what we have in our genetics, and that is why the others are getting away with their plans.

Knowing that this was potentially possible I suggested in defensive answer to that the radiant zones. So i gave you a solution instead of a prediction.


The seers who work for me are explaining a number of things to me, which I will "translate" to you now as succinctly as possible, as I asked on behalf of some of my friends around the world if there was (as I felt and hinted at in my audio file) another timeline in the works unfolding, to intercept the anti reality timeline intrusion now in the apparent works.

Bullet point answer pull-quote:

"The future is currently hidden from most of us so as to prevent an active manipulation of the outcome."

The divisions between all the people on the planet in one particularly violent timeline are extreme. That reality will end up destroying itself. Or as I stated it to Kerry Cassidy on November 5th, the controllers are not in control of the future events.

Ordinary people around the world are not in a state of extreme hatred to the point that we would be attracting the timeline which the controllers would like to impose artificially. Therefore we still have options of timelines that the violent ones do not have anylonger.

During the next weeks and months, truth will be its own protection. Krishnamurti used to say - and I simplify and paraphrase him... "it is better that the future comes from the unknown."

The future is being hidden from the human consciousness so that this future cannot be manipulated. Because it is unknown, it is making control-orientated institutions extremely afraid. They cannot deal with the unknown. And so in reality the unknown protects us.

This is why from now on we will not ask my seers any more questions. The mirror of Galadriel will now be hidden for a while until the events show us the way. This is why you saw me do what I did during the last few weeks. What was stated in the above few paragraphs is very important. It is our protection. I trust you understand.
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