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Default Cooking - Most important in emergencies

Not very many people know how to cook any more. As an avid outdoorsman, i've spent a lot of time cooking, and thought I should share a couple tips for staying fed:

1. stews are the most versatile thing you can make. First of all, boiling water kills most bacteria and parasites, which is great. Also, you can't ruin a stew (unless you over salt it) - seriously, almost any ingredient you can think of, will taste great in a stew. vegetables + meats = cheap, nutritious easy meal to make. All you need to carry is a pot, you can stir with a stick. Stews are a great way to feed communes.

2. peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (i promise, they're actually kind of tasty). If you know that you will not have food for a long time, make these sandwiches in advance. They have 600+ calories each, and they will last for weeks (unless they mold), they taste better than MRE's, and are compact and light. they can keep you and your family alive for a very long time.

3. fire: cheap lighters always break (they lose their spark) and matches always get wet. refillable lighters are the most durable and dependable for making fires.

Just consider the possibilities and you'll be prepared; if the utilities all fail in the large city you live in, you still have wood furniture to burn and cook with, but you don't have much, so be prepared to eat dry goods that don't expire. If you live in a commune, be prepared to feed lots of people at a time in a cheap and nutritious way.
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