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Default Living / Raw Food - How To Make ...

Living / Raw Food

The below would make around three 32 ounce containers, enough for two to eat once a day for a week to ten days, cut it all in half to make less.

The food must be kept refrigerated to last, and if kept tightly closed will last over a week (go by smell and appearance).

Soaking Nuts (to release enzyme inhibitors) -

Night before making food batch, soak nuts in water for 8-10 hours in room temperature in covered container.

Soak Almonds and Brazil Nuts together but separate from all other nuts. Rinse once or twice over the 8-10 hours to flush the released tannins.

Soak all other nuts and together, using any or all of these - Filberts, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pine Nuts, Walnuts, Cashews, Pecans, etc.

Making the living food -

Use a food processor, nut butter maker or other form of juicer, maybe even a blender?

Grind any or all of the following together, mixing in little bits of each and alternating with adding nuts -

Medium Size Head of Green or Purple Cabbage
One Bunch of Celery
One Onion (I use Purple)

Optional Items (try any or all of these) -

One to Two Cups of peeled Carrots
Two peeled roots of Tumeric
One peeled Horse Radish Root
One chunk (3-6" long) of Daikon / Radish
Garlic (4 to 10 cloves)
Jalapenos (1 to 3)
Red, Yellow or Green Pepper (1 total)

Hand mix all the food processor output until uniform consistency and add a lot (two to four ounces) of lemon juice (as a preservative).

The finished food will be consistency of cole slaw and usually is not too 'wet' as the nuts keep it all solid.
To really enhance it, add Soy Lecithin, Barleans Flax Oil and Braggs Liquid Aminos (almost like a soy sauce flavor), plus sprinkle celtic sea salt and dulse / kelp (seaweed) flakes on top ...

The food will keep the longest if after every opening of the container fresh lemon juice is spritzed across the entire top of the remaining batch and purge the air in the container as much as possible.

Side note, it is best not to use the nut waters in the living food as it will make it all too runny, but the water from all but the Brazil/Almonds is very high in protein and is a great liquid for shakes / smoothies ...

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