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Default Re: Safe Places in South Korea


That place is gorgeous, and I'd be down, but I think we need to talk about our options (hopefully on Saturday). A little birdie told me that Manchuria might be a safe place, as it is far removed from the population of China, though, I have to admit Phoenix, the idea of slogging it through North Korea scares me a bit. Maybe we can get out hands on a boat?

So... I have some letters I want to share with you guys on Saturday (in regards to the little birdie I mentioned). It's a tad far out there, and I'm not going to go into it here, but did any of you get a chance to watch the debate between McCain and Obama (trust me it correlates)? I unfortunately haven't had a chance to catch it. If so, would you say that Obama "dominated" McCain? I'll get into it more on Saturday.

Oh, and Art, yes having a Korean speaker would help us tremendously. Who knows what we'll find ourselves up against in the near future.

If things do get really bad, I'm guessing that most of us here are actually foreigners who are on teaching visas. How do you think the government is going to react to us, as far as being non-native Koreans go?

I'll see ya'll on Saturday!

- J
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