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Default Re: Safe Places in South Korea

looks pretty.. we should talk about it when we meet on Sat...i think the area might be too surrounded by urbanized areas..and with it being right on the coast we might not be able to escape from there if we needed to...flooding is one thing we should consider.. most of the places im looking at are along the taebaek mountain range around the eastern half of the country and some places in central SK.

i am preparing a list of places that i think would be relatively safe..i have 14 places in also working on visuals for u all from google earth and profiles for these places. i hope to have it ready to go when i come down on sat. peace.

i'm also thinking about making routes out of SK through NK, and China to Mongolia, which i hear is a safeland....i j/ wish the place had trees..the place looks treeless. anyways if u guys want me to do that i'll scare up some possible escape routes too. peace.

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