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Default Re: Safe Places in South Korea

Originally Posted by larissarissa View Post
Hey, I went through Andrew too! That was fun. I have nothing against being prepared. I've been carrying cash for years now. Now I can't figure out which currency to change my won to. Decisions, decisions.

We all react to situations in our own personal ways. No matter how hard I try, I can't get serious about any of this stuff. Oh, btw, good point about not having fear being a different level of fear. Probably true. I'll agree with and respect anything you say that is right for you, and would hope to be respected for my point of view, it's only for me, after all.
No ,Andrew wasn't fun at all, cause I was resided in Homestead, where it hit the most.

And if you say so, you must have a pretty tough soul. But I wanted to warn you surviving in Korea could be whole different story. You should remember Korea still is technically in a war, economically davestated, a lot of people are gone mad.

Watch your back always!
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