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Default Re: Safe Places in South Korea

I enjoyed having a conversation with someone from the US who is a kindred spirit.

Trying to find a "safe place" is acknowledging that there is something to fear, and we know fear is what they're after. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, I've heard, and I believe that. Sure, when confronted by a truck thundering down the road straight at you it is totally normal to react, but when confronted by possibilities in the future, it gets kind of murky, and then its false evidence appearing real, as they say.

Being informed is good, it allows for an informed decision when the situation arises. I think preparation should be in the mind, and the physical will follow when the time is right. How do you prepare for the scenario Dr Deagle talks about? Mind boggling.

I follow my intuition which guides me just fine. It's fun and a challenge to let go and let that higher knowing take over. Sometimes I'm led to do things I don't understand, and that's part of the adventure too.
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