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Default Re: Something is bothering me - Very Important

We have to guess and speculate in this field. We just need to make it very clear that this is what we are doing...when we do it. The PTB keep us guessing. They always forget to brief me!

An insider may need to inject disinfo to stay alive. They can be more easily discredited, if necessary. So much of this forbidden knowledge is so potentially volatile...that there may need to be a safety mechanism to reign in whistle-blowers. Factions of the PTB seem to be informing us little by unofficial ways...which seem to lack credibility at times. They can't be too direct. They don't want us to to speak. Sources also have to be protected. I don't really know. I don't even know someone who knows someone. I don't think much of anything would be revealed if high-placed people didn't give some kind of unofficial green light...and provide some kind of protection. Secrets are being revealed...little by little. Our responsible responses will probably result in a more rapid dissemination of information. Disclosure is occurring everywhere. Official disclosure may be anticlimactic.
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