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Default Re: Something is bothering me - Very Important

I've said over and over that in the fields of ufology, paranormal, cryptozoology, etc, etc...I listen to everything openly...yet critically. Most of the information may not be correct. Insiders may have to mix disinfo with the good stuff...or they can be so compartmentalized that they don't see the big picture. Like Richard Hoagland says 'the lie is different at every level.' Researcher beware.

Could Mr. X have been referring to benevolent et disclosure as contrasted with malevolent et disclosure? He might not have recognized this distinction. He may have simply been reporting what he viewed. Without more information, and the big picture...what he said might have seemed to be contradictory. The malevolents may stage a 'benevolent' disclosure event(2012?)...and then at a later date...the real benevolents may show up and kick the snake-**** out of the malevolents...but up to that point in time...not make themselves known unless it involved a survival threatening emergency, etc. Just speculation. I relistened to both recordings...and the disclosure comments are contradictory. Did someone tell him to shut-up about disclosure...did he forget...or did he make up one or both of the versions?

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