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Default Something is bothering me - Very Important

On Mr. X's first interview, when asked about what the Extraterrestrials held for
our future he said that there would be a MASS landing in 2012 at the end of the year and they would make themselves known to humanity whether the gov.
wanted it or not.

You can listen to it for yourself at
around 18:15 (18min 15 seconds)

In Mr. X's second interview, he was asked if he came across anything that
states the ET were going to make themselves known. This time he gave the answer: They would make themselves known only in the event of nuclear conflict.
You can listen to it for yourself at
around 6:16

I don't ignore things like this; but it's sad because PC recently announced that Mr. X had passed.

That's a significant inconsistency and I feel as though i`m tip-toeing on eggshells here.
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