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Default Re: Definitely life changing!

Ive seen many things, some sentient beings that pop out are:
Beings who look like dogs with human bodies, they were wearing space suits.
Ewoks from star wars. Saw a purple one just levitating and meditating. I think i caught him by surprise.
Very tall android about 50 ft that was morphing with a tree. Seemed to be a protector of nature. Small fat naked humanoid creature about 3 feet tall, old face and lots of wrinkles. Balls of light about 3 to 5 feet long, shading different colors like plasma traveling through the air. Dark shadowy creature with red eyes who would just breathe and freak me out. Most of these experiences were in ranges from lucid dreaming to being totally awake. Hope it helps. Sure would like to hear what you have seen, felt, heard, etc....
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