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I have thought long and hard about posting this and as is not only open for business mr green is in the process of building a new website but as mr green has ignored all correspondence about my $40 refund what choice do I have

I am looking for suggestions on how to get back $40 I paid to George green for books he did not send mr green miss calculated the postage cost it has been around 8-9 month since. This is a last ditched attempt to shame him in to paying me my cash back.

Can you all remember the person in the George green hand books the person with very low integrity and only interested in monetary gain?

Is this person George green?

I e-mailed him with a new selection at less cost but still silence

I have e-mailed I have called but nothing no refund I know he is in South America the way thing are this is food from my children’s plate

Any good business man would have cleared this up long ago he is ripping me off. No doubt I am not the only one

You will know them by there fruits

Your ideas your thoughts are much appreciated


Your website is still open for business george so please take care of your business, pay me back my $40 that you have had for months upon months


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