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Default Re: Native American Prophecy in Cycle Times

to all,
My name is Old Snake and I had the same dream, before Archie Fire Lamedeer mentionned the same , in a sweatlodge(Inipy),
Later on I read it in Tom Brown`s book.

I think this dream looks like an "international warning" that we are on the wrong way.

We have forgotten to live with and from the lands, manny of the worlds pop. believe in cash only, the latter is the killer ,walking in the open and no-one is willing to shoot the critter.

Now the whole downfall has started with Lehmann Bros coming down the first stone in a row that fell, .....against the next one,
and many to folow, and this will go on!

For many good reasons,our economy`s are blown up pranks, based on thin air, and based on the material greed and fear of the consumer,(when you donot wear or not have this or that, you are NOT ONE of US.

And it still works, HOW mad /idiots are we , to put on a shirt with the name of the suposed maker,(While made in Chinese sweatshops)

We the people made this all possible, maybe we had an itchy feeling walking around with an on the outsite branded shirt or suit,
but teh , one gets used to this.

Can we protest this,............... go ahead!

Can we do this in a wise and silent way? OH YES, swear to yoursel and by repetition that all that is advertised will never be on your shopping list.

Wich is an ultimate remedy ,against these companies and they will not even know who boycotts them.

So we work them out of this world in this manner ,and at this time it is verry easy, got my drift?

Now back to the dream, can such happen?, Yes it can, look into the universe and we see by the "Hubble EYE "very agressive things happening , OF Wich we understand still very,very little.

Is it really important, do I have to move etc?

Generally spoken NO , only when your environment is already under threat by rising waters, or by volcanic activity.

Remember we came to this life voluntarily, all, and meaning all of humanity.

Wether the red dream comes true, only the future can tell, we are not the judge of that.

Maybe in the afterlife, or in the spirit world we will understand.

Important? Yes and no, I as well as you we have our own responsibilities, and living them to the best we can is one point, and when you do not try to "sell" it to others, the others come to you and ask you why you have that kind of garden, why you do not wear a branded suit or whatever, besides that , you "prosper" more by having healthy food,a small windmill, a solar boiler,and good but not too expensive clothing, furniture to your personal liking instead of all advertised and by that alone too expensive and comon stuff.

Trends and mode, are the killers, Where are you as a person, do you want to have everything prescibed from craddle to grave.

I can assure you,it is quite "fashionable" to do away with the big and too expensive brands and look for more localy made stuff, you might even get some new friends.

So just make your life a positive one, in YOUR way, that makes a difference , and bigger than you yhink!

Yet might we get the red rain, all of us are in the boat, nearly no hiding possible, no point all matter is in my thinking just aknot in an for us humans andles sea of energy, so is my body and yours,
Our spirit is our lifeboat as ever before.

Do not be afraid to die,mostly it`s like laying off a too wet,heavy buffaloskin

Always follow your heart in what ever you do.

Ho mitakuye oyasin

Old Snake
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