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Default Re: Alien Song Resomates

Originally Posted by Christo888 View Post
The Beauty and the Divine... waiting for the adornment of one who understands. Dreaming of one who will respond to the signs laid before them, wishing all those before the one had noticed. Hoping for that day soon to come the one who will take her by the hand and bring her to the moment in the spotlight for all to see. For every day only the beauty is adored without the essence of feminine partaked in is another day of lost paradise; an unfertilized dreamland still waiting.

Mother Earth; the Beauty and Divine; the hidden simmering power of creation waiting for the one... anyone, to understand her, to capture her, to activate her essence.

When will one... anyone, take her by the hand and give her the attention that gets the party started!!!

And is why a Desert Rose!
cool story Don Juan MANCHILD.
Thank you !!! Christo888
I thought your post was the most profound writing I have ever read
I look forward to hear from you,Thanks also for the PM
It only takes one action to change the whole picture
And what you wrote resonates my whole being.
I only wish there were more people like you.To have a deep understanding
how life could be.If we only have the faith to understand that one
small flame ignites a whole room and from there it goes through out
the world and into infinity.

Your thoughts and words are a blessing for all...Thanks again !!!!

Love and Hugs to All....
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