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Default Re: 8-9 Feet Entity Observed In Open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay

I can imagine it's hard to win a case against such gigantic monopoly such as NASA. What strikes me is the general intolerance from any official places to admit we are visited and actions taken against people who have no other choice, moral and scientific than to speak truth about what they've seen.

But, can simply witnessing an entity on monitor be a sole cause for signing someone of his duty for the rest of his life ?
They must be having hundreds of such ''incidencies'' and loads of documentation, even if all is not perfectly clear and more on the side of 'unidentified phenomena'.
So what the case here ? Had he been asking 'too much' ? Talking about it over and over again while still on job ?

Hope not sounding offensive. My career was not one with NASA .

I think it's more psychological damage that in turn causes physical one, sending someone on highly qualified position to 'sell hamburgers'.

There's lots of intellectual harrassment going on in society , no matter where one finds himself . But to feel so degraded about ones capacities , life and knowledge is worse than losing money .

That's where the damage is done and actions taken against the benevolent intelligencies, ET or human,
can't bring benefits to anyone in the end.

And yes, these pages are amazing and don't require another proof.

One would expect more tolerance from scientific body such as NASA.

Gods help us all

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