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Default Re: Alien Song Resomates

Originally Posted by MANCHILD View Post
SteveX I think this is the number one song with the word Alien sang

If you look at 20 sec into the vid you will see a black alien moth person

also you can see alot of new age symbolism,,

And if you know anything about the Watchers Who fell from heaven
Its because they saw beautiful women and took them as their wifes

India will have a great awakening and they are number one for time
travelling in the world.Plus they have nukes to boot...

As far as me smoking something,You couldnt afford what i smoke
So drink away your liver,You know whats best for you.

But dont come down on smokers,,No one has died yet....from that !!!!

Aye when I was a lad…. With the risk of revealing too much of myself and making me look like a keyboard hard man. I’ve lived a life that would crank up the eyebrows of many in this forum. Lets just say if you have a stereotype of a hard-core motorcyclist then just about everything related to that I’ve done. I’m not just talking about being annoying in traffic or cocking the hammer on a tomb stone load. . There’s 20 years of S.D & rock n roll. Just laying down a picture…just keeping it real. However those days are behind me now but let me relate an incident to you.

In the early 90’s I was in the grand stand at the Bull bash and I was having a great time. Consuming much of everything while watching the drag racing with 50,000 other Bikers. Out of nowhere a helicopter turns up and at 100 feet above the track races some bikes down the quarter mile and wins. It was a little unusual to see the helicopter over the track but the Hells Angels bash attracts all sorts. I mean the poorest to the richest and they have flown in some top bands for the evening entertainment. So seeing the helicopter racing the bikes was unusual but they did show up from time to time. Even the police helicopter hovering over the camping grounds…. bless.

A little while later this helicopter did the same thing and then I got to thinking about the pilot. Yes, OK he’s having a bit of fun but what’s he doing…. showing off to the crowd? The longer I was in the stand the more I consumed and the deeper my thoughts got about this pilot. I started to feel somewhat resentful. I watched him repeat this mock race a few times and I started to get a little peeved about him. OK, he’s got some money. He’s passed his pilot’s licence for a chopper. He’s maybe hired the chopper for the day and now he’s just constantly showing off. He would swoop along the quarter mile and do a low circuit behind the grand stand and come around again.

So I came to the conclusion that this was some rich B****** just showing off. Nothing better to do than rubbing it in. Make us bikers look poor and worthless. I was annoyed to say the least. Then I realised I was paying more attention to the pilot than the drag racing. Not what I was there to do. Within my head I had side lined myself. It occurred to me I best straighten up so decided to go back to my tent and sleep it off. Get my head straight. As I’m walking along a service road to my tent I see this cordoned off area with a big sign…. Helicopter rides £5.00

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