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Default Re: Dystopian Cartoons

Originally Posted by rockdiamond View Post
Awesome! -Watched em all, you have great taste, the ren + stimpy art style kinda grosses me out sometimes though, and already read animal farm.
Cross worked on the newer Ren & Stimpy for Spike TV. I worked on the fiirst show back in the early 90s. I did this with some friends soon after. You can see the influence.

Buy One Get One Free

Here's a show I designed the characters for for MTV. Probably more relevant to the subject matter on this forum!

Clone High

Pretty awsome one, well it speaks for itself.

Banned from american tv, mark twain
I remember that one. It was a full length feature by Will Vinton (did the California Raisin commercials) called "The Adventures of Mark Twain".

If you liked that check out Bruce Bickford's PROMETHEUS' GARDEN
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