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Default Re: Who Is Controlling The Phony Terror News?

As a USA citizen I help fund some of the world most worst horrific events, like the take over of other countries. One way I help to this everyday is through my tax dollars that I so eagerly pay into my corporate country. This means that I am part CIA, NSA, FBU, all branches of military and whom ever else owns my straw man.

My point is that I am also learning and helping reform such American shame, selfishness, ignorance, greed, lust and fear into a more oneness society/reality. How I do this oh so well? Well I can't give away all my secrets for there are those few behind the scenes who could stop my magic. Doesn't matter anyways cause all & all it's our being more high frequency and oneness that REALLY helps change us all for the better.

First, you begin by owning up to the no good that your country has been doing for god knows how long. Forgive yourself for being part of such low frequency ways. This concerning your being part of your country, that is if your country is like current America. Okay, so you forgive yourself and your country. Now embrace it all being a much needed experience for your life path of education. After that and for how ever long as it takes, simply just "be" the reality that you want to see in our world.

Big thanks the Mahatmas Gandhi

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