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Default Re: Jesuit-Ruled CFR

People it appears like to think of "One super bad guy vs. One super good guy". Pick "One" side and you "win". Pick the other and you "lose".

This is duality, this is how people are controlled. Truth is infinitely more complex than the human mind would like to make it. That's why the truth will never be found outside of us, only inside of us.

Why do we think there is "One" super bad guy that controls the world? For me, I think it's pretty obvious there are competiting factions and different "super bad guys" who THINK they control different aspects of the world.

BUT all of whom are in reality being used by the infinite to provide humanity with various lessons and help us on our path to perfection in schoolroom earth.

Why is there "1" super bad guy behind it all? Because we're caught in duality and we wish we could figure out the whole truth outside of us... but we can't no matter how hard we try. Can you really wrap your head around a multi-dimensional universe and understand what's happening in every corner?

We can't even figure out our own history here on this planet in the third dimension..

There's a lot of different competing bad guys k? The king pin though, you might say is the: The Milky Way Dweller. The combined beast / dragon that has ALL of the darkness in it in the milky way. You could say that's the kingpin. However, it is possible that more than the milky way is fallen at this point, which means you have an even bigger dweller behind that... in fairness however, these things are at war with even themselves!

However, all of these only continue to exist so we can have certain experiences of seperation here before we come up higher. Now, we're coming up higher, and the vast majority of this stuff: syonora. They have no power. They live in the body of God like we do. They have no power. So don't give em any of your power.

P.S. this goes for Jesuits on planet earth too. Sure they're not nice. Are they the only not nice group at the top? No WAY! There are competing factions. Each as dumb as the next one thinking they can beat God at it's own game... The bad guys days are done and the children of God are remembering who they are... remember.
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