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Default Re: Jesuit-Ruled CFR

What if Lucifer is the head of the Pleiadian Fallen Angels from Aldebaran? (sounds like a rock group) Could Lucifer have had a legitimate beef originally...but then have become corrupted and insane? Is the quest for freedom a futile pursuit? Is resistance futile? Is someone else presently running the show here on Earth? Is Lucifer (or an equivalent replacement) the head of Giza Intelligence? I'm feebly trying to unite some aspects of traditional theology with the new information we are being bombarded with. I hope that this will motivate others to think along these lines...and come up with the real answer. I get the feeling that my concept of Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom is not a welcome suggestion in what seems to be a Theocratic Universe. Are the off-planet powers that be trying to reign in Lucifer and the Fallen Angels? Are we Renegade Pleiadians (Pleiadian Protestants...protesting a corrupt and dictatorial Universal Church?) who our former Pleiadian brothers and sisters are trying to bring to the point of reconciliation and reunification? Would this mean accepting tyranny in the form of a New World Order Theocracy? I don't mean to sound rebellious...but what is the proper view regarding responsibility, freedom, theology, and governance? Is a Theocracy ever ethically correct? I could be wrong...but all of this alien/ufo/conspiracy stuff is all about responsibility, freedom, theology, and governance. Richard Hoagland hinted at some of this in his Camelot interview. Alex Collier has more than hinted at this. I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record...but I'm trying to penetrate the secrecy of a very obscure but very important subject. I don't really know how to do this. The truth regarding all of the above may set us free. Who knows...the truth regarding all of the above may set the entire universe free. This problem may not be isolated to this 'Planet in Rebellion' (the actual title of a book).

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