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Default Re: Sticks and stones may break bones, but words can destroy

Originally Posted by CÚline View Post

How are one of the most loaded questions we ask...

There is a saying...

responding "i'm fine" actually means

F= F*cked up

There is rarely any sincerity in the response "I'm Fine"

Language though... is about more then just words...the variables include emotions...intent..etc...

i can say...a mouthful... without even whispering a sound..
I usually answer 'FINE' because your definition fits...but I don't have to spell it out. I can answer 'honestly' without getting follow-up questions like 'What's wrong with you?' Most people lie when asked how they are. It's an almost meaningless social ritual.

I would prefer to answer 'GOOD'...but the more 'refined' intellects instruct me that 'GOOD' is an improper use of the English language...and that I should answer 'WELL'. that's a deep subject! I'm not speaking of sickness or why the hell should I answer 'WELL'? 'GOOD' is supposed to be 'BAD' because it refers to morality...which is usually not implied in the question 'How are you?' But most words in the English language have multiple meanings. The context in which a word is used...makes the meaning obvious...or at least it should. 'WELL' is uppity and condescending in my uneducated view. Answering numerically (on a scale of 1-10) makes the most sense to me. Actually...I have a friend who answers by taking his pulse...before he says 'I'm still alive'.

As you can tell...I have lots of issues. All is not well. Lately...some people have even been asking 'Are you OK?' They seem to be offended when I respond 'Yes! Are you OK?' My metaphysical speculation must be taking a toll. Speculators beware! Stay out of space and cyber-space! It might get you down...and get your name placed on multiple fecal lists.


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