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Default Re: The Bibles Signs in our Sky

Originally Posted by Gale View Post
There is a lot of disinformation about these "Fire Rainbows" on the net. They started showing up about 10 years ago and are NOT rare. I have seen three so far this year.
They can appear at many sun angles and are NOT just seen around a solstice. Note also that the moon now has a COLOR rainbow effect around it at times too. Also that the sun has at times a full circle around it in color too. They are NOT in any of the old textbooks about the atmosphere over ten years ago either.

Very interesting. I saw one of these five days ago, due west, in the early morning sky. Was wondring what to call them. The one I saw looked exactly like the one in the pic you provide buy was oriented due north. Made me smile. Good way to start the day.
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