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Default Re: Alien Song Resomates


Thank you for that story,I never would have thought of you as a biker
But your right.It dosnt matter how much money you have
What matters is how you use it,

I am sure you can afford to smoke,I pay 10 dollars a pack here in Chicago

I also have lived a life of profound meaning And Never gave it any thought

Back in the late 70s I was asked by Jimmy Page And Robert Plant of Led Zepplin If I wanted to go to the Munnic Octoberfest With them,

We were at a bar in Augsburg Germany called the Bannaza Bar

At the age of 17 I had a death wish and I was not afraid on anything

When we partyed that night we all inter locking arms and drinking
And they left me there all alone,So i got up went to the next tent

And at these picnic tables I look across from me and looked into the
eyes of a beautiful Ferrline,I automaticly grabed her hand and pulled
her up on top of the table and the whole place went off like a light
switch had been pulled,

A hour later Jimmy and robert found me ,And said I knew it was you
That got this place rolling, And they said Thats how we knew where to
find you,

The story goes on from here,But to save time, I want to let you know
that life is funny and we only get what we put into it,

I am a very Spiritual person With the power of the spirit we can do awesome
things,I would like to make this world a better place for everyone.
Thats why I pray always for Joy and Happiness and Love to be the answer
If that were true We would only say I love you.And then we would feel it

Some times I feel the wrong Viibes ,Love is the answer and it comes from
the heart.I wish you well SteveX And I hope you find your way home

Thanks Much !!! Hugs and Love to All ....
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