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Default Re: Jesse Ventura will be on CNN.Larry King Live tonight…

Hi peaceandlove,

It was interesting to note that during the interview there was an image of the Pentagon where it showed the big gaping hole in the side of the place, POST COLLAPSE. What many people do not know, even still, is that for a long time the Pentagon only had a small hole in the front of the building, until the facade collapsed, shown in the images from the following link:

Was this a ploy by the producers of 'The View' to try and make the Pentagon case seem like it was struck by a plane, or was it just ignorance on their part, thinking that the whole thing collapsed "on impact"?

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Originally Posted by peaceandlove View Post
He's not holding back, and you can feel the tension in the room!

Jesse Ventura interviewed on THE VIEW

Jesse Ventura Explains Why WTC7 Is The Key To 9/11 Being An Inside Job!

From: MoxNewsDotCom | March 10, 2010

VIDEO (9:01):
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