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Default Re: Being touched during an OBE

Depends what you mean by 'molested'.

But one thing is sure, when you wake up, the best interpretation that you can have of your dream, conscious or not, obe or not, is the vibration that you first get from it, not the memory.

Reason being that the memory you get form your dream is automatically interpreted by the woken intellect and the intellect has a hard time understanding that the laws behind the invisible are not the samw as those behind matter.

This means that what the intellect can consider and understand while within his material experience cannot apply and will not apply to his unconscious experience on the other side.

It also means that he can't really understand the experience even on this side because the laws behind matter belong to the invisible.

So the best thing is to look at it by vibration and not intellectually.

So, if you felt violated, there was some interference. And that would not be surprising, because interference with the material experience is a non stop 24/24 activity in the invisible. They don't stop to sleep and to eat, you know.

What I would suggest though is that you consider seriously your readiness to investigate that realm. I am not suggesting you are not but rather that you ascertain it yourself, for yourself and by yourself.

Because, as I said earlier, the laws are not the same and the ego has little experience of that world.

Imagine how little we control things down here with all the experience we have. How much control can we have in a world of which we basically ignore all of the laws?

But that is up to you to know.
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