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Default Re: Westboro Baptist Church Heckled outside Twitter HQ

If I may jump in here and now with a rhetorical question;

What is the difference between homosexuals and radical churches?

Are they faithful to the core of our mutual human living in prosperity and understanding of truth, Creator ,universe, love ,life?

I think neither group are .

Ones are openly attacking morale and others are viciously defending it with a ...gun ( shall I say instead of sword)

Neither gays are close to truth neither radical Churches are close to the truth since both parties are faaaaaaaaaar away from Creator, universe,truth,love,respect,understanding, wisdom ,morale.

But personally I find it offensive for a person to brag about their sexuality in any way, be it on the street or school or TV or whatever.

KL has a point since homosexuals are often behaving terrible and are being very aggressive towards all that do not align with them.
They want to marry ...sure but that is a mockery of marriage. Marriage as an institution exist only between man and woman. You as a gay can be with other man but that could not be named marriage, legally or hypothetically ...

One more thing, we are all born different and that should be respected.
But how can I respect a person which is gay when they shovel in my face their sexuality ?
I do not care, leave me be... but NO ! They HAVE to announce that they are homosexuals... Who cares for god sake...

That leads me to conclusion that if you have a need to stick in someone's face about your deep personal life ,then you have a problem, a huge problem. That is invading someone's privacy and that is bad.
So when they do that ,they should not be surprised for reaction they usually get from heterosexuals.

And one last point, correct me if I am wrong but I never met more selfish, drama queen, self centered, annoying people than most of the gays I met through my work and in life.
I don 't say that all of them are like that but really many ,many of them are like that.

Point is lingering on non important things such as sexuality or religion brings us nowhere but deeper hole from where we're trying to escape...
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