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Default Re: Westboro Baptist Church Heckled outside Twitter HQ

Originally Posted by raulduke View Post
So I guess this means that your new avatar is less than genuine?

For the record I never called you a hater, asked if you belong here, or tried to stifle you in any way. On the contrary rather, I asked you to elaborate several times, though the only thing I really wanted an answer to is, did you choose to be heterosexual?

To be honest though, your logic is so foreign to me that I've lost any expectation that I may ever sympathise with your views. So it is my suggestion that we all simply agree to to disagree.

It's genuine, as far as the Mods seem to understand me.
They seem to understand that I'm not just a "hater" but deeply concerned about the state of our culture and civilization. And that everyone has freedom of speech.

And perhaps you personally didn't call me a "hater", but it's what "open-minded" liberal-esoterics think when they have to listen to the issue from another perspective! I never meant you personally.
And I certainly can live with the fact that you disagree with me. That's your right! At least you're honest.

You want to say, that homosexuals didn't choose the way they are, they were just created like that? By asking me this rethorical question you want to hear if I as an heterosexaul choosed to be heterosexual? Ok. Fair enough

But, I could ask you the same:
Did pedophiles and necrophiles choose what they are?
Weren't they created like that too?

But have we as a society to accept their ways then???

And before you cry out: "Don't compare homosexuals to peds and necros!"
It's just a rhetorical question, a technical question, like yours my friend.

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