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Default Re: Westboro Baptist Church Heckled outside Twitter HQ

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
I'd prefer a liberal, progressive society to a close-minded society that places a heavy emphasis on gender domination and suppression of minorities.
Why surpression?
Why is the traditional family and traditional marriage surpression for you?
Don't you recognize how weird your words are?
For you a healty, a natural institution is "surpression".
But in fact "liberal" and "progressive" has become totalitarian and backwarded!
Liberalism in fact surpresses people.

For example in Europe, Liberalism there had the result that people don't practice their own religion anymore, churches become ruins, get sold and transformed to pubs, libraries and mosques.
Liberalism had the result that Europeans don't dare to defend themselves, because they fear to be called "racists".
And what's the result? Slowly but certainly Europe is taken over, town by town. And Liberalism prevents that anybody can do something against that.
Because then they get outcasted and outlawed by political correctness.
And so London isn't London anymore, Berlin isn't Berlin anymore, Paris isn't Paris anymore... In Brussels your dear "minorities" take over Europe's capital and shoot at policemen with assault rifles! It's so bad that EU parlamentarians demand a security wall, a green zone like in Bagdad.

And Liberalism on the 2nd front destroys the traditional family, so that the take over even comes quicker, because of the low birthrates!

And who takes over?
The ones who hold the traditional family and marriage dear and never would accept "homo-marriages". And if you think this is just a "hate-ism",
just read official demographic studies and official FBI and CIA dossiers.

Liberalism destroyed Europe, it's lost.
And America is on the same way.

You Liberals and Esoterics say: "We're all humans, we're all one big unity"
But what if the others don't think in the same way as you?
And your kind, because of your liberal beliefs, gets extinct on 2 continents?
Look what happened to Southern California, it's lost, they obviously don't think that we're all one big unity and get along, they only accept "Aztec-Mayan-Spanish".

There's the true but profane saying:
"There are never 2 puss... side by side, one puss... always becomes the dic...
and f... the other puss...!"

And that's really true!
Liberalism leads to cultural downfall.

On Above Top Secret an ex-Liberal wrote a nice piece about Southern California. Read that carefully, it will give you a shiver:

Exactly that is the result if a culture abandons the traditional family and marriage due to "Liberalism".

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