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Default Re: Westboro Baptist Church Heckled outside Twitter HQ

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
Keep on crowing away, King Lear.

Social engineering exists in many forms and like it or not, the nuclear family model was created to facilitate a male-dominated society.

There is no perfect family model out there. There are people who are part of families that have no blood relation. The concept of family does not mean that you need 2,3,4,5 kids or a mother and father. It goes beyond that.

Excuse me but this is Bull Sh... Shalom (I've to watch my profanity )
There's a perfect model!
The model which worked for 100,000 years.
The models which don't work are the models since 1968,
which make the people crazy now for 42 years and destroy our society and culture.

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