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Default Re: Westboro Baptist Church Heckled outside Twitter HQ

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
The nuclear family only existed for economic reasons.

I would argue that it's also social-engineering to expect women to stay home and raise the family while the man goes out and does the work.

How soon we forget that women were the brewers and workers when the men were off fighting their silly wars. Women deserve more respect than the nuclear family.

If you're going to complain about the destruction of the family, you should understand where the idea of the family comes from. It's all economic and nothing more. People get married to transfer wealth.

Interesting, that you "open-minded" "spiritual" esoterics coldly indicate the family as a unit which exists only to transfer wealth.
What a joke!
A family is certainly much more! And a family never was a "nuclear" family, before 1968 a family had 3-4 or more children!

And it's also not true that a woman was treated badly in being part of a family, that she "deserves something better".
These are all false delusions of the 1968-era.

Every woman who is part of a family, head of a family and has given life to children has done thousand times more than every
female attorney, female judge, female professor, female politician...

Because the mother ensures the survival of our human kind!
That's thousand times more than every bra burner could achieve!
What has the successful but childless female judge, politician, etc. at the end? Nothing, only loneliness and the certainty that with her, her branch of life will die out.

So, all this smearing about the family is false.
We've to return to the traditional family! All the social models like the "patchwork family" produce just dysfunctional pseudo families!

Let your common sense decide:
When was it better? 50 years ago with the traditional family or since 1968 with all these social models which do not work, especially homo-marriages and homo-families?

I choose the yesterday. Those were the days...*sing*

And another point about the homo-marriage, they always say that they're discriminated because they cannot do what heteros can do.
But technically that's not right!
A lesbian woman can marry a man, and a gay man can marry a woman.
So, they can do exactly the same as heteros can do!

Heteros are also not allowed to marry same sexes.
So, they're treated equally. Technically.

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