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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by bigmo View Post
How is it exactly that we master our own thoughts?

By what 'reference' point of determination do we begin this process; this self mastery?
The reference point for you is the statement: I Am Bigmo!

Doesn't the term 'self mastery' connote a condition by which we have made (past tense) 'decisions' that inherently and by their very nature, require judgments?

I Am Bigmo Now and before I was Bigmo too. How is the Now Bigmo different from the before Bigmo? This is NOT judgement of self, but self-observation.

And if we are making 'judgements' in these determinations (what action or thought process we choose to take) then by what 'code' or 'reference of cosmic awareness', do we use to determine whether our judgments will reflect (mirror) the outcome of self mastery?

Observations not judgements.

If it is as simple as: "Love your neighbor as yourself." then that 'code' or 'reference of cosmic awareness' would be the premise by which all thoughts, judgments and hence actions would be weighted against in determining the right judgment.

In a way; the superconscious self is obscured by the self-observations evaluated by the waking consciousness and coloured by the subconscious. The superconscious attemps however to crystallize the concept of unity with all things by the Individual Logos communicating with the Universal Logos.

Nothing new here and certainly common enough ideas to be sure.

So there must be something that we are missing in our understanding? Something about this 'code' as it manifest within our 3D experience that inhibits us from grasping the simple 'awareness' that leads us to self mastery. What is that?

Your obscured superconsciousness and the KNOWING not belief, that you are BOTH a separated Inmdividual AND the ONLY ONE existing.

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