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Default Re: The TV Series "24"

Nothing is hidden, everything is out there for everyone to see, you could write a newsletter and take out a full page ad and if people who have not eyes to see are not ready -- it won't make a danm bit of difference.

Your sister in law doesn't need to hear that she is wrong, she needs to hear that violence breeds violence.....that no one gets rehabilated in prison and that no useable information is gleaned during torture. Nobody wants to be wrong they want to know the opposite. They want to know whats right.

Capital punishment should be outlawed for a million reasons, but a reason no one can argue with is 'if there is a mistake you can't give someone back their life'. Its a simple as that, it is an unreversable act.

24 is not the issue, the issue is that government uses entertainment to sell you ideas, and it has done in the form of jesters and satirists and writers and actors or players since the dawn of time. That wall is too high to scale for me, what I can do is perhaps know that anything I see has been created for a reason and try to discern that reason, because plenty of films are designed to send you wonderful ideas and the reverse.

Write your own show or play or don't so influenced by what's out there, as they have succeeded in making you afraid, and if you were honest with yourself now you might admit they may have succeeded in making you look twice at your own family......

Don't fall for it, for the world is full of whirring beauty, doubling and tripling its self all the time, we live in an expanding universe filled to the brim by magnificience -- beauty like you. Don't let it be hijacked by anyone.

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