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Default Re: Pope Instructs His Flock To Embrace Their Alien Brothers and Sisters

Originally Posted by Antaletriangle View Post
Yeah man i heard somewhere that there's a reptilian base beneath the vatican-have you seen that sculpture that stands in saint peter's sqaure weird man.I just tried to download it and windows flashed up and my p.c. locked out on me-tried twice and keeps doing the same thing!.The sculpture is like a sphere within a sphere with loads of mechanised dials-like something from hellraiser!Could it be the internal workings of the moon or earth on display for all to see in our ignorance?I've just gone back and found other shots of it tried to click on and it shuts down on me!!Anything else no problem!!??
Yeah, that's in the 'court of the pine cone' which has a giant pine cone statue (?!) which David Wilcock points out represents the pineal gland...
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