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Default Re: Pope Instructs His Flock To Embrace Their Alien Brothers and Sisters

The esoteric branches of the church know much more than many would credit them for.

Information is the ultimate currency in the universe. And information control a method of establishing ascendency.

So, it is not surprising that when a breach occurs in the formulation of a dogma, it must be related with the time where witholding such information becomes useless.

On the other hand, witholding of information also takes the form of a coloring of the information to match the expectation of a group in particular.

This is how masses are kept in line. You feed them informations formatted in a way that prevents making links to the pure information, outside of the form, using a form that conforms to values that are at the base of the group mind.

This way, the dogma can evolve, yet remain in the same spot.

One example:

Stating that ETs may be without original sin, yet failing to really explain the reality behind the concept represented by the expression "original sin' therefore removing any occultation of the concept.

In view of that, saying this means nothing, since it is unknown to the masses what is really hidden behind the concept of 'original sin'. But, it can be interpreted by the mass of the group as some sort of 'truth'. A truth that could equate to a conceptualization of potential 'pureness' of ETs who then are hitereto free from human condition.

And as true as this may be, in a way, it still fails to explain the human condition in a way that allows individuals to be freed from mass thinking.

In the end, its just another form of lie.
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