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Default Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

by one of our old mentor/teachers
who did some sound encoding, etc., for us back in 2004

Mark David's journey began with creative and spiritual writings.
He coaches, consults, and guides writers
to connect in the moment and not be a judgmental
which allows one to write.

The development...

He is orig. from toronto...
and, he helped me with some of his 'sound encoding'
and, as he said, 'knocking down my walls of jericho" LOL

His blog is here: blog

His website is here: website

When we started our radio show,
he gave us a testimonial, which we treasure.

"Susan/The eXchanger
is a powerful healer and bridge-builder,
a conscious link between the dimensions and realms.
Her work, only now beginning to move from her
and out into the world,
it carries the potential to connect many
with the heart-source of their divine nature."
Mark David Gerson
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