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Default Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Private Question: Hi Susan
I am having a read of your recent thread...
good thread by the way...
bit long but I'll get through it...
Anyway how do you come by this??
How do you know?
Are you accessing your Akashic records..
if so how?
quote...Susan/The eXchanger is a 6th level Old Soul-C1E7 #343
kind Regards XXXXX/XXXX

We stumbled on the michael teachings,
in the early 1980's~when a friend in california, posted us a book,
called "Messages from Michael" with a little slip of paper,
inserted in it, that said, you are: "king/sage-old soul"
and, the comment, "would love to know, what you think of this book!!!"

That was back in the days, when you utilised the phone, and/or send actual 'real' letters
to friends, that took, one week, each way.

It wasn't until recently, when a friend was browsing through my books
that, they said, did you know this author, and, i said, NO,
and, they said, well, the book is signed.

We often wondered about the king/sage, old soul written on the piece of paper,
and, it was, still sitting within, the front cover, and, first page.

We had one of the first laptops from ibm,
our transportable telephone weighed over 8 lbs
and, i think, that laptop likely weighed about 30lbs
(and, cost the company around $35,000.00 cdn dollars

Fortunately, around 1988, we got a 2nd laptop
- perhaps, what might be called a 2nd generation laptop
we believe, it was the first, light weight computer
and, it only weighed about 12-13 lbs,
and, came in a well designed, well padded carrying case,
and, likely cost the company, about $10,000.

We still have it, and, the battery in it, never died
(it still turns on/and, still operates on 'first choice') LOL
and, was likely engineered to military standards.

It could dial up via the telephone
to the big computer mainframe
and, you just clicked-in.

in those 'old days'
we had a clever computer programmer at work
and, we got on the old internet/called the irc
by dialing up a telephone number in toronto
and, you got clicked in/or, connected.

i could tell some really funny, odd and, strange stories
about, a lot of things, related to using the old chat relays
including weird ads, and, strange people
and, of course, having fun, telling someone, i was NOT from earth,
but, was from some other planet, like Mars, but mostly ,
i said, i was from Venus.

In those old days, you had to really trust your ability to inititate,
and, utilise the real sense in your gut.
There was likely NO way to trace/or track you,
and, i have to admit, it was a hell of a lot of fun !!!

Of course, in hind_sight, i am sure, that some of them, the other chatters,
actually where, from other planets !!!

And, i can recall, some very interesting conversations,
related to spirituality, that would very likely make, very good book material.

I travelled for business, throughout the 80's, and, in the last half of that decade,
towards the very end, like in 1988, 1989, 1900, we always had a transportable telephone
weighing about 8 lbs/and, a 'real' laptop computer
which most people, had NEVER even SEEN one before.

Most people, associated a computer with something, the size of a 10ft x 10ft room.

i DID SOME THINGs, back then, that, you would NEVER do today,
and, get away with, as, you'd likely go straight to jail, if you did.

One day, flying from Toronto to Chicago,
i boarded the plane early, i always hated the last minute rush to the airport,
and, always tried to get the first flight of the day, due to changes,
i always had to make in Chicago, and, the horrific, layout of that airport...
checking in, in Toronto, was always good,
as, they checked you, and, your baggage,
straight through to your destination,
and, you cleared customs, in canada,
prior to entering into the USA.

This, one day, a gentleman, sat down beside me,
and, he smiled at me, of course, with a transportable phone,
and, a lap top, that you were able to dial into the irc,
and, since, the plane wasn't taking off/or landing,
you definitely, had time for a little bit of fun,
sometimes, more than, just a little bit of fun,
as, you could totally,
and, completely freak some people out.
Not many, were very aware a spirits,
and, spirituality, back then.

As he checked his seat number, and, stowed away a few things,
in the overhead compartment,
He smiled, and, he said, to me,
"well, hello,, where are you from"...
in a very american type of accent, likely from Boston., Mass.
and, I replied..."well, hello, there, right back at you"...
with a smile, and, a bit of a phase...
"i am, not from around here,
so, where are you from ???"...
and, he smiled, and, replied,
"neither, am i, i am heading back home to the coast"...
and, i smiled back at him, as, i realised,
he was likely sizing me up,
rather than sizing up the airline stews,
who back in those days, most of them,
were totally gorgeous.

And, he said, to me,
"so, seriously, where are you from???"....
and, I replied, with big wide opened eyes,
and, slightly raised eyebrows...
"are you sure, you want to know ???

And, he nods his head, with engaging eyes,
and, says, "yes, i would like to know"
and, i say, "you got to promise me,
as, i leaned forward, "really promise me, that, if i tell you,
where i am from, that you will NOT tell anyone,
what i tell you."

He looks at me, with an strange look,
but, engaging eyes, and, a strong element of curiousity,
as, he says; "no, of course, i promise,
i won't tell anyone"

So, i look at him, very directly, and, say
"well, as, i said,
i am NOT from around here", and, i paused,
as, i continued,
"in fact, i am NOT even from earth",
he looked quite startled, as, i said,
"i am from Venus,
and, i am, here on a very serious mission"
and, gave him a very serious look,
with a set of levelled eyes, along with a mischevious smile.

I motioned to the chat rolling on the screen,
and, said, "see, look here,
i was just communicating to my superiors".

By the look on his face,
i thought, he'd just **** his pants.

He was really tossed up, there was NO doubt, he was curious as hell,
but, he was scared to, look at me,
and, he was scared to, look at the screen.
What a toss up !!!

He looked like, if bolting was an option,
he was going to take it, but,
he had already strapped himself, into his airplane seat,
and, if he told anyone else, what was going on,
they'd likely think, he was crazy, and, i was normal.

Anyway, there were always, a lot of good sports on the irc,
many who, were looking to fulfil, their ultimate fantasies,
sometimes, the crazier the conversation, the better,
other women, on the irc, was likely a 'rare' occurence,
however, there were many, who posed as women,
who where men, likely trying to get a few 'jollies'.

It was a very wild world online, way back then.

I've often wondered, if the phrase, to pee, your pants laughing,
was, started, on the irc...
because, a lot of very funny things occured,
over and, over again, that would be cause, for you,
to howl with laughter.

And, it was a very unsusal eXpereience,
to have a box, full of people chatting to other people,
in front of you, that, could have that type of effect on you,
it also, put a spin, on the phrase,
"you are NOT alone".

There were times, you chatted to people,
where you became, very aware, of the eXistence,
of beings, within the ethers,
that were looking at you, aka as "remote viewing" you,
and, often you felt the feeling,
someone/or something, was actually 'right there'
looking at you.

As, many could describe things, about you,
that they could NOT do,
unless, they were actually there,
doing that.

it started to put a spin on,
paying attention, great attention,
to what was around you,
the seen/and, the unseen

There were times, when a 'strange fly' would enter the room
and, you could swat at it, and, swat at it,
and, you there was NO way to hit it,
it just appeared, to disappear.

Was it there, or, NOT there, you'd ask yourself,
however, it was, strange, strange stuff.

There were times, that, if you didn't utilise major
pyschic skills, of protection,
you would NOT only feel like your feet,
were in a pit of vipor snakes,
but, you could feel things,
trying to climb up your legs,
and, if you were NOT properly protected,
some of these, invisable things,
actually left bites/marks/and, scratches.

This, we know, was a major awakening point for us,
and, you started to research things,
we know, we were always hungry,
to find out, almost everything, about anything.

There was no doubt, that, you could 'click in'
and, 'click out', and, 'block others'
just as easily, as, they could do the same to you.

It opened up, a 'sea' of 'information', impossible to find, in books.

It was definitely, a place, one could invest/or, even waste
endless hours of time
if you allowed it, and, it was definitely, a place,
where a myraid other, highly developed, technology oriented,
individuals, with brilliant minds, gathered - to chat / and, to eXchange.

As, with the guy, who sat beside me on the aircraft,
another 'player' on 'the line' was more than happy, to chat, to a lady from venus,
and, a conversation took place, while, the man sitting next to me, on the aircraft,
did NOT know what to feel, sense or see,
and, as, i sat there, typing to the other chatter,
whilst, reading his mind, which, was quite amusing.

He was siting there, thinking, all sorts of things,
thoughts, that ran the gambit, from,
is this woman, really from venus ?

is she really talking to her superiors ?

tell me, i have just fallen asleep, and, i am dreaming this?

have i fallen asleep, and, this is the start of the nightmare ?

is the candid camera show filming here, and,
i am about to get caught - so, i should just play along ?

and, the funny one, he was thinking...

if i told someone else, this was going on,

they'd likely lock me up, and, think, i am the crazy one...

hehehe--yup, way back then, i could read minds

(and, a word of caution--i still can) LOL

When a couple of other guys, got on the plane,
in the first class section, they were quite friendly,
and, inquired, as, to what, type of piece of machinery,
i was working on, and, what exactly, i was doing...
he knew better, than, to tell them, i was from Venus,
otherwise, they'd likely of thought, he was crazy,
and, i was normal.

Yup, i had a lot of fun, on that old transportable phone,
and connecting to the old irc, via that laptop...
there is NO doubt, they just don't make laptops like that anymore.

One day, i am likely to get it out, plug it in,
and, put it into the phone jack, just to see,
if it will still dial up, the irc.

Living in the big city of Toronto,
certainly, had a lot of advantages,,
and, there still are quite a few people here,
old friends, who, lived through the onslaught of pre-regular internet providers.

We even had a computer, in our school, in the 70's from IBM

I recall, when, all of a sudden, it was going to be a pay-per-use
and, a lot of people, freaked out, how dare, they charge us,
for using the irc, etc.,

Geez, i can remember when AOL started,
and, bills came in, that were literally hundreds of dollars per month.

It certainly beat, posting things, and, waiting 2 weeks, for replies.

Anyway, back, when AOL started, we got on the internet,
one day, after being on the internet, for quite sometime,
the topic came up, about 'messages from michael",
and, we decided to search for
things about "michael entity" online,
since, the book, had fascinated us, and,
we were hungry to know me.

So, we joined a group online
and, were amased,a t all that we found.

There was a channel, named Shepherd Hoodwin,
who channelled this mid-causal entity group,
The Michaels, would be similiar to The Founders,
channeled by Sal Rachele,
or, The Group, by Steve Rother.

So, we choose to pay him, about $35
to channel a professional chart for us.

In 2003/2004 - for christmas, we purchased a chart from
Emily of for Sal Rachele,
and, at the same time, purchased a chart for ourselves,
to compare data - when they came in,
we discovered the two of us, where both in c1e7
and, we discovered, that two professional channels,
channeled exactly the same thing.

We discovered that it was possible, to find out,
our 'raw numbers' within our cadre/entity - or, soul family,
so, we had a friend of the 2nd channel,
contact her friend, and, we were given our 'raw numbers' of 343 and, 1029

We found it, both enlightening, and, interesting,
and, it did, express, very well, what the two of us,
both believed, it definitely did relate to our own global jobs/or
missions-purposes-or tasks on earth.

To your question,
yes, we can access 'akashic records',
and, we are certified/and, qualified to teach courses, in them.

the eXchanger

(we will continue in the next message)

there are a lot of emails / private messages etc.,
and, a few stories to share

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