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Default Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

We will try to get to "all the email" later tonight

It's day one of a new month

CHECK OUT THE MOON TONIGHT - it is awesome !!!

and, do a little moon-bathing

that is, what, i am about to do !!!

Get a little sun-light / star-light / and, moon-light daily !!!

THE eXchanger

We also have a 'blue' moon
this New Year's Eve - December 31st 2009

we were born under a 'blue moon'
with an almost 'full moon' at 25-26 degrees of cancer !!!
and, an 18-19 north node in libra
and, a 25 ACQ 25 midheaven
and, a 22-33 gemini ascendant
with the sun at 5 degrees of capricorn
7lk - The Day of The Wind God-Goddess
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