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Default Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by waitinginthewings View Post
So I am wondering why all the hoopla......or is their another agenda going on, involving the press? One can't help but wonder about everything now.
In old folklore,
they eXisted

In families, that did NOT embrace the church,
they eXisted

and, the stories passed down,
show contact, has eXisted for a long time

trouble is, most were too scared to speak out

you see, many of them, too, also heard the stories
of 'witch' burnings, and, 'killings' in 'cold blood'
and, running for your life,
since, if you didn't -
for eXample in the UK
you had 2 options - catholic / or protesant
your choice !!!
(in ireland, they still fight)

after 1490,
and, the huge holocaust
(that was NOT recorded in history books
in south/central/and, north america)
who do you think, then owned all the land ???

certainly, NOT the people

and, if you can NOT own real estate

it is very hard, to ever get rich

of course, a church, can make people strave to death
very easily, generally speaking,
and, most people want to eat,
so, they aligned with the church

sinful, but true

my original home,
i could NOT afford to buy it today
my 2nd home,
i could NOT afford to buy it today
and, the 3rd home, the one, i am,
currently in, it has appreciated 3.8 times, in value,
from what i paid for it,
approx 17 years ago

people in south america,
it is pretty hard, for most of them,
to afford to buy land, etc.,

however, there are a lot of immigrants there
and, likely, i'll bet the statistics of ownership of land
between churches & immigrants
vs. the people who have been their for the last 700 years
likely follows an 80/20 rule
(and, likely, it is worse than that)

i do know, the internet, has assisted many people
in building online businesses, from south america,
to the rest of the world

and, has really helped the 'little gals and little girls'

just look at all the 'powersellers' on 'ebay'

Recent tax stats, are starting to show
more and more people, own home based business,
they have to, in order, to maximize their deductions

(and, income tax - now, that was a temporary war debt tax,
that, is anything, but, temporary)

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