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Default Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Sal, and, i have eXchanged stuff since 2002 - he is a brilliant guy

however, it wasn't him, that planted the idea in me,
to merge, with my future self
NOR, work through the road-map, i utilised
which i have, semi-shared, with him

i was already into the 7d-9d,
prior to crossing paths with him,
in 2002/2003 ~ we were already aware,
we were an 8th density being.

Some of his stuff, i am sure,
definitely, set me, on the right path
and, confirmed to me, i was already on the 'good path'
and, definitely headed in the right direction

i have studied a number of his courses~
and, travelled with him, while he did some of his seminars in 2004/2005.

I did his halls of amenti activations - back in 2002/2003
and, also did several of his courses,
we are close/and, good friends~not, just in this lifetime
but, in many other lifetimes/and, grand cycles.

Sal, myself, and, two others,
did a trip through england,
London/ North Hampshire/ White eagle lodge / Cornwall/Tintagel/Cadbury Hill/Glastonbury/Averbury/Stonehendge/Devon, back in 2005
even walked in the crop circle, Swallows Nest
where i picked up, clues on crop circles,
that, i utilised, as, part of my own road_map

Both of us, studied directly with Krishnamurti back in the 70's
who is also, a sixth level, old soul,
myself, in my 18th year, at 17, in 1986,
and, Sal went to many of his talks, in 1984.

Both of us, have also studied Silva.

The eXchanger

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