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Default Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by eXchanger View Post
Didn't you mean SUSAN mentions merging with the future self
wasn't it me, who told you, that is what you were the process of doing ?
the eXchanger
Yes, I first got the idea from you over coffee and then today I read Sal's article where he also mentions the same thing. I thought you got the idea from Sal...

Currently it seems to not be a process of my own volition, but more initiated by Birdman and perhaps the Maitreya being -- anyway they seem to be "pals" :-)
and myself an awestruck onlooker.

I don't know yet what I can do to move the process forward, except incidentally through my ongoing clearing work. That is something I was thinking Sal could help me with. I also keep getting a picture of a newborn version of "The Birdman". Remember, he is from the future, but I don't know what planet he/me got that body type from and I don't know from what date in the future. I just know that I am in a peaceful time and place to complete my ascension work and then take off for parts unknown. The "portal" is up in Cottage Country. I feel like it might be a portal for some others too.

Robert, my practitioner, and I are doing a "Clearing Mankind" approach which hit a nerve with someone a bit higher in the heirarchy of rulership of mankind. Robert is busy helping me sort through that can of worms (almost literally!) and the next time that should happen I wish to experience it differently. Overall it feels GREAT!! to be able to create some good effects with this work.

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