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Default Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

OCT 12TH/2008
NEVER POSTED to the boards
(might be somewhat dicey)

Originally Posted by Mark View Post
As the NWO are doing their level best to kill most of us, I feel that aliens showing up with the promise of love and unity is better for us all. They would just attack if they were going to - zap, end game, that easy.
NOW, do you think, "dead slaves" are "worth much" ???

it is quite clearly obvious, it is NOT about money,
they have almost all of that

it certainly could be about taking your land...
the earth is limited, in how much of that there is

or...raping the raw materials, stealing water, etc.,

or...stealing millions of children, to eat / or to breed with

Did you know, they take / or steal women
and, strip them bare, of their eggs ~ or take men,
and, utilise their sperm

or...perhaps, they are after gold/and, silver
and, copper - as, that makes for 'good contacts'

essences--with those ingredients in them
turn on your minds
left brain - right brain - is quite amasing

the natives, speak about most folks
on earth as being: part of the walking dead

my main guide,
refers to 'the aliens', as, being
either the 'good ones' come,
that, are in 100% alignment,
with your missions, purposes, and, tasks,
and, he refers to them,
as 'visitations'
and, speaks of them, as 'the star beings'
and, NEVER refers to them, as ALIENS ???

albeit, he does, have nasty words
for reptiles/and, insects~and, how to make sure
they do NOT come to visit you

he tells me,
it is very important,
to develop your own higher aspects,
and, tap into the star beings,
that are in 100% alignment, with your missons, purposes, and, tasks,
as, it is possible ~ and, almost anyone
who takes time, can develop themselves,
to do so

and, there is a war, that is much higher than 3D
and, it extends up into the 32nd dimension...
at the 9th density/and, 33rd dimension,
it's free sailing~you enter into an 'untouchable' zone

most of the people on earth,
do NOT even realise that 9th density beings,
are already here, and, they do NOT pay much attention,
to those, that are aware !!!

a lot of people - scattered from here
as, very few, that are here, appreciate 'good work'

Certainly, there are many creating "awareness"
which is "good"...however this 'blossom thread'
requires major "discernment"
esp. in relation, to 10/14/2008~
as, it is likely one of those 'blue beam' events
and, there are lots and lots of 'good' ET ships
that are already around the earth
they have been here, since, the being of 'earth time'

we are NOT here alone ...

and, we on earth,
are NOT waging the higher dimensional spirit wars alone

get a pair of 'night goggles' if your own eyes, won't see

you'll be shocked at what you see !!!

you need to learn yourself, to do --
if you do NOT do,
you CAN not BE !!!

everything you hold the full potential to do ...
requires, some real effort, to put all the pieces
back into alignment

it is just that simple ...

it is like many worlds / many dimensional levels
are all happening at once ...
and, yet, most can NOT even clair-see the 3RD Dimension
(when it is clearly possible to know/and, learn
and, fully merge with your 9th Dimenional Earth aspects
and, your future self
and, then pull your other two completed matrixes,
12+12+3(+4+5+6+7+8+9) for
27/28/29/30/31/32/or 33rd Dimensional operating

and, what pisses me off the most,
is that i do have many solutions,
and, yet, i can NOT seem to get heard,
one person, who should have listened to me, did NOT

many have departed here,
due to these types of discussions here,
in my opinion,
you are just are NOT listening to the right people,
there are people, here and NOW,
that know things


We discovered one lady, who thought, she was EVE
and, a chosen one

turns out...

it was

masquarding at the mother,

or The imposter G.O.D.,
masquarding as The Father,

it is 4D,5D,6D discarnate spirits,
that can NOT ascend out of the astral
that are tricking people, and, telling them,
they are ascended beings coming to them,
or, that they themselves are ascended beings
which most of them, clearly are NOT

right NOW, I AM really wondering,
why on earth, i came here,

what type of choice did i make in choosing to come here ??? !!!

KulKulKan says, be patient

You are ready,
give it 13 months

october 12/2008

Ummm 11/29/2009 - eXactly 13 months & 22 days !!!

NOW, we are ready !!!

The eXchanger

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