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Default Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Question (send privately)

When are you going to tell your story ?


There is a lot to tell, regarding 'my story'
so, i'll attempt to do it, in segments

First, i came in, as an 8th Density Being/able to get up; and; through 32 dimensions of time/and, space ~ an octarine indigo elder
(octarine-relates to light body~ and, 8)

in 1966 - an energetic year of 22
on 7/29/1966, at 2;02pm est
i drown in Little Lake, Peterborough, Ontario
and, during that eXperience,
i saw things, and, was told many things.

i was pulled from the bottom of the lake,
by, my discarnate grandmother-Goldie,
along with a huge eagle, and, another bird,
that flew through me, and, beat me, back into life...
it was NOT until a trip, to Peru,
in 1984-another year, of an energetic 22,
in my 36th year, at 35 ~ i saw a condor,
and, knew, that was the bird that came in 1966,
when, i was in my 7th year (at 6) and, drown.

In 1975-an energetic year of 22
i started a process of turning on my light body

by 1984-another year,
of an energetic year of 22
i completed the process of being,
a totally awake

Many beings on earth, started a major awakening/or stirring
in 1966, 1975, 1984, 1993, or, 2002

also years, with an energetic 11,
like 2009 = is 11
and, it's a master number year,
and, a 'major' wakeup call !!!

Did you find, anything occurred to you,
in the years mentioned above ???

Please ask questions -

Lets discuss some 'good stuff' on this thread
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