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Default Re: Dr Steven Greer - The Promise Of New Energy 2009

Originally Posted by TraineeHuman View Post
Yes, but could it not be the case that what is causing the most harm and delay to disclosure by far is all the people who claim they "know" that bad aliens aren't constrained by the "good" aliens (who greatly outnumber them)?

Consider how the Pickerings' source has satisfied himself for certain that the reptoid race he is communicating with has no hostile agenda. Yet it seems Kerry "knows" otherwise -- or so, it would seem, she thinks.

I wonder how many people who flatter their egos with their rigidly held belief in the disinformation that reptoids are bad news know that in reality many of the alien races currently busting their guts to help humanity, with no agenda for themselves at all, happen to be various reptoid races?
Hi Trainee Human.

Not all Reptoids/ Reptilians are "bad". Or service to self, if you prefer that term. There are many varieties that are quite wise and compassioante.
Saying that all of them are bad would be like saying that all of a certain race of Humans are "bad".

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