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Default Re: The Ascension Process and Common Experience

I watched the move that Jacqui suggested. I hadnt seen it before.

The Fountain is a unique movie which artistically puts into place multiple dimensions which we live in, intertwining them within the theme of love, death and rebirth.

It is a very deep movie, of emotional passion, love, desperation, learning, accepting and facing fear and so much more, all expressed in the multiple dimensions and lives.

Thank you Jacqui, beautiful soul, for posting it. I had not seen it before.


here is a bit about the movie,

The Fountain is a 2006 American Romantic Drama/fiction/fantasy film written and directed by Darren Aronofsky that follows three interwoven narratives that take place in the age of conquistadors, the modern-day period, and the far future. The film stars Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, whose characters' romance exists in all three time periods. The Fountain explores the themes of love and mortality, drawing influences from the Fountain of Youth and the Tree of Life. The film is framed with visual language by using transition scenes, light, and shapes. It was produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and Regency Enterprises, and was distributed by 20th Century Fox outside of the United States. This is WB's first film produced with Regency Enterprises since 1997.


Best Science Fiction Film - Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA
Best Original Score - Motion Picture - Golden Globes, USA
Golden Lion - Venice Film Festival

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