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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?


I have joined Avalon2 for I feel that transcending the ego is an important subject.
I believe it is possible for a thread to be transfered there.
Many have contributed to this thread and thousands have read it
The postings already made are too beneficial to be lost, our very future may depend on enough people evolving spiritually to make a difference.

True spiritual evolution comes through letting go of the old material things and welcoming that which is of real lasting value into our lives,

Jesus taught that earthly transient things were of no lasting value, your spiritual vibration is not only of value to you personally but of great help in raising up others as you transcend the ego.

If we are to believe prominent spiritual teachers, then we are heading for some rapid change, evolution of consciousness and scientific evidence seems to confirm that at least there are profound energy changes gong on in our universe.
I believe that is very important that we, as best we individually can, prepare spiritually for these possible changes by at least taming the ego.

Because the possible birth pains associated with this metamorphosis could create a lot of fear in those unprepared.
Fear is inherent in the structure of the ego.
The more faith and trust we have in a loving Creator the less we will be negatively affected by any change.

When we are calm we have a very beneficial effect on others.
When faith is strong the higher mind clicks in and sound rational decisions come easily and in some cases instantly.

Syncronicity ocurs, you just find yourself in the right place at the right time.

A story.
I was in the shopping mall yesterday and got in the lift to go up one level, the doors closed, a moment later the doors opened I got out, that was quick I thought.
No it was the same floor, I decided I would just walk to the elevator as I did I bumped into friend I hadn't seen in fifteen years. We had a very enjoyable meeting and some tings of importance to both of us were shared. .
Obviously it was meant to happen.

This may be nearing the end of posting here so any contributions will be much appreciated.
Thanks to all who have contributed already.

With Love
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