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Default Dreams and Visions of October 2008 Event...

I had a vision in the early hours of Thursday, September 4th (Approximately 5 a.m. Pacific Standard time- I live near Seattle, WA USA). Usually my visions occur as a "movie behind my eyelids" while I am awake and conscious, as was the case with this one. In this vision I could see an Old World map. The North, South, East, West directions on the map were pointing in unnatural directions. As this caught my attention, the Old World Map superimposed underneath the directions started to shake violently and would not stop. It kept shaking even as my vision ended. I asked when this would occur and was psychically told "October/November".
Here is my interpretation: At first I wondered if a pole shift or earthquake of world wide magnitude would occur. I have since intuited that the real meaning is there will be an "earth shaking event" taking place. After searching more, I see others feel (through many sources) that an event may occur during October 2008. The Old World map signified the world as we knew it ending, and hopefully creating a new one.
Has anyone else had visions, dreams, or intuitions regarding this next month? I listened to Bill and Kerry's paranexus radio interview and Kerry mentioned she had a dream (?) about October but didn't specify details. I would love to hear about it as well as your experience.....

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