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Default Re: CERN Collider 'down for a year'

Further frivolity from

Professor Otto Rössler Takes On The LHC

Seven Reasons for Demanding an LHC Safety Conference

1) Black holes cannot evaporate because their horizon is effectively infinitely far away in spacetime according to my new interpretation of the Schwarzschild metric [1].

2) Black holes are effectively uncharged [1]. Therefore, charged elementary particles cannot at the same time be black holes (or point-shaped). Hence non-point-shaped mini objects exist already. This makes mini black holes much more likely.

3) Mini black holes grow exponentially rather than linearly inside the earth: “mini-quasar principle” [2]. Hence the time needed by a resident mini black hole to eat the earth is maximally shortened – perhaps down to “50 months”. This contrasts with the “50 million Years” obtained assuming linear growth by BBC Horizon [3] and CERN’s analogous “5 billion years” [4].

4) CERN [4, 5] counters that if the hoped-for mini black holes are stable as claimed [1], equal stable particles must arise naturally by ultra-fast cosmic-ray protons colliding with planet bound protons. This is correct. However, there remains a fundamental difference: Only the man-made ones are “symmetrically generated” and hence dangerous. For they alone are slow enough with respect to the earth that one of them (at less than 11 km/sec) can take residence – in contrast to the almost luminal speeds of their natural cousins.

The rest available here.


Lastly an observation and a comment from another forum:

"Then in November 2009, it emerged that further problems had been caused by a small piece of baguette dropped by a passing bird which landed in a piece of equipment on the surface above the accelerator ring."

Only in France could this happen, original excuse though
Then again could be Russian-trained pigeon saboteur......
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