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Default Yemen Stargate in Review

Truth About the Stargate in Yemen.
Question for Cosmic Awareness:
In a Internet radio Interview on January 12, 2010, by Kerry Cassidy of Project
Camelot, a government whistleblower said the reason ships were amassing in the Gulf of Aden near Yemen is because a synthetic army is trying to come in through a Stargate there. He said these are super soldiers, hybrids taken from Atlantis and allowed to evolve on another planet which they can do with artificial intelligence. He said the real reason for the full body scans at airports is to detect these Ets and synthetic life forms. Is there any truth to this?

Cosmic Awareness:
This article is seen largely as misinformation. There is some truth that the Stargate that is in Yemen IS to be used to bring extraterrestrial beings through. But these are not the synthetic beings, the super soldiers the article is warning of. They come from the Galactic Federation. They come from the 12 planets that host life, particularly the 11 planets other than earth itself, and many of them have a different physiology. Not all have the exact carbon copy of humans.
In other words, some have the heart placed in slightly different areas. The stomach may also be in a different position, and there are other matters that can be scoped out if such a being were to step in front of the full body scanner that are now being used. They would also have access to certain implants that would help them in the negotiation of their tasks, be able to walk through certain devices, so that traditional security devices could not pick up any weapons or tools that these beings were carrying, for what is carried by these beings are not necessarily weapons.
This is in truth part of the reason why these full body scanners are being used, to help in the process of overthrowing old regimes, old power structures, and those of who hold power. There is seen to be a use for the gate in Yemen to bring many of these Galactic Federation beings and troops in, but not for the purpose that is stated. These conjecture that these are super soldiers from Atlantis who were grown on other planets and then brought here to wage war is seen as completely erroneous.
It must be remembered that those of the Galactic Federation pose a true threat to the Powers That Be. They would not want such individuals free amongst them who could disrupt their plans, and therefore, they are giving a half-truth out and making it seem to be a threat to all humanity, when in truth the beings that knew of this Stargate and were ready to use it because it was a relatively obscure portal of entrance, are the ones that are challenged and in danger.
In other words, the Powers That Be would see these troops as super troops against them and their efforts, and they take this and elaborate on this and state that these are synthetic soldiers; super soldiers come to destroy the world. This is simply not seen by this Awareness as the full truth. It is the manipulation of the truth to create fear.
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