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Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post
Susan only yourself will take you home

Source has no sexual definition it just IS beyond duality, beyond living ligh, beyond living sound and beyond, beyond, beyond

And Source is inside the very fabric of the cosmos, even in those that have fallen for everything is inside source

Every atom IS source
Every quark IS source
Every partiki IS source

We are all expressions of source, we are ALL SOURCE what we see and experience is just the morphogenetic field created of Source

It is such an incredibly intelligent self regulating creation!

Love you all
That is exactly what my mentor Dr Hawkins is saying apart from one additional word. LOVE.
(Science is proving the existence of God)

Dr Hawkins stresses Devotion only due to God - respect all others.

One teacher I had said.
"No one belongs to you
You belong to no one except God."

Another said to a woman who was none to pleased.
Children come through you but they belong to God.
We are just caretakers, hopefully we really do care.

We are but passing through, just a moment in time then we are gone.
The only relationship that is vitally important is the one we have with our Creator, that is eternal yet that is the relationship we tend to forget.
Everything we have to have to survive in this world comes from one source.
Beren said it.
Star said it in a different way but it the same.

Time to remember to be grateful and to know exactly to What we owe gratitude to.

My son Michael said to me and his mother when we started divorce proceedings.

"Think you two have lost the plot"
Thankfully all worked out for the best.
Think the human race is about to find the plot.
I sincerely hope so

Gloria in Excelcis Deo.
Glory to God in the Highest.

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