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Default Re: Yesterday,today - Tomorrow...

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post
Susan only yourself will take you home

Source has no sexual definition it just IS beyond duality, beyond living ligh, beyond living sound and beyond, beyond, beyond

And Source is inside the very fabric of the cosmos, even in those that have fallen for everything is inside source

Every atom IS source
Every quark IS source
Every partiki IS source

We are all expressions of source, we are ALL SOURCE what we see and experience is just the morphogenetic field created of Source

It is such an incredibly intelligent self regulating creation!

Love you all
Stardustaquarion, you said it pretty much as it IS.
Everything (the creation), is/are fragments of the Source yet it mirrors the Source as a whole.
Or put it this way: Everything is/are drops of water from the same infinite ocean we call Source (Creator God).

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